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Who we are

Grinity continuously contributes to the development and improvement of the places where we live and work. The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of services focused on technical and environmental consultancy, and sustainable development in the construction and real estate market, while being one of the most significant innovators for more than 20 years.

International experience, professionalism, high technical knowledge associated with commercial overlap and client approach enable a team of more than 100 consultants with offices in Prague and Bratislava to deliver eminent projects not only in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

11 mil.EUR2021 Revenue
Projects in45+countries

Our team

Pavel Čermák


T: +420 602 613 215


Zdeněk Trejbal

Executive Director

T: +420 602 374 297


Radka Vychroňová


T: +420 725 718 830


Jan Podzimek

Sector Leader Advisory & Transactional Services

T: +420 607 170 521


Marian Heckl

Branch Director SK

T: +421 905 279 067


Lenka Matějíčková

Sector Leader Sustainability

T: +420 602 707 457


Jakub Pavelka

Sector Leader Commercial Developers

T: +420 724 060 984


Martin Doležal

Sector Leader Automotive, Environmental

T: +420 724 506 986


Tomáš Buchal

Sector Leader Industry & Technology

T: +420 601 083 001


Jana Pokorná

Marketing & Communications Manager

T: +420 721 431 638


Eliška Freudlová

Office Manager

T: +420 724 054 058


Jitka Machálková

HR Manager

T: +420 702 291 058


Our values

People first

People are our foremost priority. We respect each other and create a work environment that contributes to development, job performance, and success. Grinity builds on proven values in corporate culture and well-being. The company develops and internally shares its top know-how within a construction consultancy and offers the opportunity to participate in leading domestic and international projects. The company’s headquarters are in the center of Prague, at LEED Platinum and WELL H-S certified offices. Grinity’s internal program supports the growth of individual employees and the creation of cohesive team. This approach allows us to maintain a stable working environment built on long-term employees (15+ years).

Company culture

At Grinity, we support the development of a company culture in which our people can grow, work and cooperate in creating an environment of openness, care and respect. An environment where everyone can succeed and express our values in the workplace with the same approach as Grinity does within its business activities. We know that we can develop the most innovative ideas by working with different people who bring diverse perspectives. Diversity increases our competitive advantage and contributes to the strength of our company.


Grinity work to the highest professional and ethical standards. We build trust by being open, honest and responsible. We express our principles as a set of obligations to the company, clients, employees and business partners, defined by internal rules of ethical and anti-corruption practices. These rules are binding on all our employees and are reflected in everything we do.


Because sustainability is a core value and a strategic driver of our business, we strive to apply the principles of sustainable development in all our operations. We are constantly looking for new sustainable solutions for our operational activities within a balance of social, economic, and environmental value. For example, by promotion of environment friendly technologies, management of environmental aspects, permanent efforts to prevent adverse environmental influence or prevention of emergencies in order to limit the negative impact on the environment.


Grinity considers its employees essential capital and respects their human and labor rights. Every employee at Grinity has equal opportunities for personal recognition and career growth, regardless of unique background or faith. The same policy is being applied when recruiting staff. An important part of this policy is selecting, rewarding, and supporting people who share Grinity’s values – people first, client success, honesty, cooperation, and sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We commit to contributing to the well-being of communities and society through various environmental and social measures, which define who we are as a team. Our efforts are environmental and sustainable initiatives, charity work, and ethical labor practices. Planting trees, promoting sustainable transport, or social assistance are just fragments of what we as a company find essential.

We work as one team and bring innovative solutions tailored to the uniqueness and success of our clients. We document all these aspects thanks to our ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications.

ISO 9001


Quality Management

ISO 14001


Environmental Management

ISO 45001


Occupational Health and Safety

Our journey


Beard Dove establishment - a small Czech subsdiary focusing on Project Management.


The British consulting company Capita takes over Beard Dove. This is how Capita Beard Dove is being established.


The premium British company EC Harris, founded in 1911 as one of the first consultancy companies in the field of Cost Management, enters the Czech market and buys Capita Beard Dove, followed by the establishment of EC Harris s.r.o.


EC Harris becomes a global company named EC Harris Built Asset Consultancy.


A global merge between Arcadis N.V., a Dutch engineering firm focusing primarily on the environmental and infrastructure sectors, and EC Harris Built Asset Consultancy, focusing on commercial development. Arcadis CZ is formed in the Czech Republic (SG Geotechnics Division, Bohemia Plan Division, EC Harris Division, Organizational Unit Slovakia, Geofos).


The separation of the EC Harris division from ARCADIS CZ leads to the establishment of an independent company called Arcadis Czech Republic under the Arcadis corporation.


Arcadis Czech Republic s.r.o. changes its name to Grinity s.r.o. with a new ownership structure; the company is newly owned by local management. Grinity continues in close cooperation with Arcadis as a preferred partner for CEE.